The Weirdest Internships You’ve Never Heard Of

Sat, May 5, 2012

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When you think about a college internship, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Working at a bank? Or perhaps at an accounting or advertising firm? Whatever it the case may be, there’s a good chance that you are not putting words like “cruise” and “intern” or “funeral home” and “internship” in the same sentence. However, no matter how unbelievable that may sound, those kinds of internship options do actually exist.

If you’re looking for an internship this upcoming summer or next semester and you would prefer something that’s a little weird over something that’s more traditional, keep reading.

Swim in the ocean for college credit. If you’re someone aspiring to be a marine biologist, the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences has a variety of internship programs. OK, but the “weird” hook is that some of them consists of taking a cruise, swimming in the ocean and publishing data on what you’ve discovered while, well, taking a cruise and swimming the ocean. For more information, visit BIOS.edu.

Work with the dead (kinda). It would make sense being that it’s a pretty lucrative business, but when it comes to interning at a funeral home, for a lot of us, the thought probably never even crossed our minds. However, this isn’t just a job for people who want to work in that field (you can check out FuneralJobs.com for leads). If you’re someone who is currently studying cosmetology or even fashion design, this may be a beneficial route for you to take. Enter if you dare.

Be a sculptor. Literally. The Franconia Sculpture Park is located about 45 miles in the northeast direction of Minneapolis. For the past 15 years, they have been a 20-acre “display case” for over 600 sculpture and installation artists across the world. If you’re accepted into their internship program, you basically work for half a day. The remaining time can be used to focus on your own work and at the end of your internship, your original pieces are made available for viewing. You can read up on the application requirements at Franconia.org.

Go to prison. It’s definitely not a lifetime aspiration for most of us, but if you’re a criminal justice or even a psychology major, this is an option that will put your studies to the test. When it comes to finding an environment that is filled with different kinds of personalities, backgrounds and needs, prison provides a plethora of all of the above. Some people might even say that the old “New York, New York” song could be applied to it because after completing a semester, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere”, for sure!

Does DNA or paternity testing interest you? The thing about an internship is that so long as there is a business that exists, there’s a great chance that there’s an internship available within it. This would also apply to companies that do DNA and paternity testing and even sperm and egg donor banks. If you’re interested in getting a master of health administration, this might be something that you would be interested in because you can learn (more) about laboratory testing, and science would definitely be applied on a daily basis. These are a bit more challenging to find, but if you Google the key phrases along with your city and state, you should be able to pull up some of the laboratories that are close to you. Call or email regarding opportunities they may have available.

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