The Importance of Time Management for Interns

Tue, Apr 24, 2012

Internship Information

Internships are not just a way for students to gain skills needed to function in the job market and experience to put on a resume; they can also be a test. Many interns hope that they will perform well enough to nab a job offer upon completion of their internships. Some companies are certainly willing to consider such a proposition since they have already put the time and effort into training someone, but others would rather keep their money and get a new intern at the start of the next semester. One thing is certain, though; whether you impress or disappoint your potential employer during an internship is entirely up to you. And when it comes to giving a company reason to keep you around (and pay you wages for your work), time management is extremely important.

There are several reasons why an ability to manage your time effectively could present you in a positive light. First and foremost, it sets you apart from many of your classmates. While there are certainly students that work their butts off to get good grades and earn some extra cash to contribute to their own education, the stereotype of the party-hearty college coed didn’t come from nowhere; there are an equal number of kids who will spend their entire college career goofing off. And there are plenty who simply don’t have the faintest clue how to get organized, work on a schedule, and manage their time wisely (because they never learned or they simply don’t care).

In addition, an ability to organize, prioritize, and complete tasks in a timely manner will show employers just what an asset you can be. Believe it or not, motivated go-getters like you are a rare commodity, and most companies are constantly seeking new hires that bring energy and efficiency to the work atmosphere. Proper time management can not only help you to perform at a higher level and generate more output of work, but it can also set an example for others. Whether workers get disillusioned over time, they become bored and complacent through repetition, or they’re simply burned out from a heavy workload, their productivity can definitely wane over time. But having someone like you around to set the example of an eager, can-do attitude and remind them what it is to take pride in their work can be a huge boon to employers.

Of course, it’s not like you have to stay logged on to http://onlineclock.net all day to ensure that you’re hitting arbitrary time limits for every task. But you do need to take a moment at the beginning of each shift to look over your to-do list for the day, set priorities, and even think about how long each task might take so that you can decide whether or not a long lunch break is in the cards or if you should perhaps skip the trip to your favorite downtown restaurant in favor of the company cafeteria. Engaging in proper time management can help you to complete your work in an efficient manner in order to hit deadlines and demonstrate that you can take your internship to the next level. If you fail to get up to speed by the time your internship is over, don’t expect a job offer to be forthcoming.

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