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Mon, Aug 6, 2012

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Traditionally, when people think about internships, phrases like “Lots of work for little-to-no money” tend to come to mind. Honestly, in many cases (especially if people are working for college credit), that would indeed be the reality. However, did you know that there are actually several internships that offer some pretty impressive paychecks? It takes a bit of digging to find them, but luckily, we have already done some of that work for you.

Before are seven internships that don’t skimp on the payments for a job well done (yes, by an intern!).

Proctor & Gamble. If you’re someone who dreams of working for a Fortune 500 company, Proctor & Gamble is one that hires interns for its FAST program. These interns play a pivotal role in strategizing solutions to some of the company’s challenges. The hourly rate for this Cincinnati based gig is $26. (MyOffer.ExperiencePG.com).

Facebook. If you checked out The Social Network a couple of years ago, you might have thought that those “interns” were more about being extras in a movie than being a part of actual reality. The truth of the matter is that many social media companies depend on their interns to grow their business and Facebook is certainly no exception. As an engineering intern, you can make as much as $6,800 for your services. Some even get a $1,000 stipend “bonus” for their living expenses. (Facebook.com/internships)

Merck. If you’re someone who is passionate about the preservation and improvement of human and animal life, Merck may be where you’ll want to work. The areas that they need interns, includes communications, research and development, sales and marketing and finance. They pay about $22.20 an hour. You can find them at Merck.com/careers/explore-careers/students-and-graduates/home.html.

Deloitte & Touche. One company that has earned the reputation of being a great place for students who are studying accounting, finance, taxes and financial consulting is Deloitte & Touche. As matter of fact, they were once ranked by BusinessWeek as being the top place to launch a career. Working as an intern there also brings about a pretty impressive income. You can make as much as $24.50 per hour. (MyCareer.Deloitte.com/us/en/students/programsinternships)

Goldman Sachs. They don’t call them “Goldman” Sachs for nothing. If investing is your passion, they have a 10-week summer internship program that is pretty intense including a three-four day training program. However, even if you are not a finance major, but you are a focused student, they still welcome you applying. The pay is something that is nothing to blink at. It’s a whopping $29 per hour. (GoldmanSachs.com/careers/how-to-apply/internships-and-entry-level-positions/index.html)

PriceWaterhouseCoopers. An accounting firm that made it onto the list is PriceWaterhouseCoopers. They hire interns to be a part of what is known as their advisory services team that deals with business planning, management consulting and finance. If you’re someone who likes crunching numbers or spends time on credit card websites while trying to find ways to make people more financially responsible with their spending, this might be the internship for you. The salary is good at $4,702. (PWC.com/us/en/careers/pwctv/joining/internships/index.jhtml)

Google. Like Facebook, Google always welcomes interns who desire to become software development engineers. Plus, it’s a national favorite just based on its atmosphere alone because the main Google office has 18 different restaurants and cafes, plus lots of other intern perks and bonuses along the way. If working at Google is your dream job, you can start out by interning there for $6,463. (Google.com/intl/en/jobs/students/tech/internships/uscanada/)

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