The Best Ways to Kill Time at a Slow Moving Internship

Tue, Jun 26, 2012

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Internships, while vital to pursuing your dream career, can get tiresome at times. Your supervisor may be too busy to always give you assignments during the day or you may find that you finish your assignments quicker than they can hand them out. You don’t want to just sit and twiddle your thumbs since it’s boring and doesn’t look good your superiors at the company. Here are ways you can fill those slow times during your internship.

Keep in mind that your internship is meant as time that you can gain valuable experience in your industry. Use down time to improve any areas where you feel you’re lacking. If you have trouble writing effectively and correctly, take your downtime to brush up on grammar lessons and practice your written and oral communication skills. If you know you need to know more about a specific area of interest, use your down time to learn and research those areas. Whether it’s a certain law, a business practice, or an engineering aspect there are always things you can learn.

Don’t be afraid to offer a helping hand in other areas of the company you’re interning with. Especially if there’s an area you’d like to learn more about or become more comfortable with ask your supervisors if they wouldn’t mind if you help in those areas once all your assignments from them are complete. You don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but most likely there will be plenty of ways you can help out and learn in different departments from the one you’re assigned to. Even if you’re just making copies for someone, you’re not sitting around doing nothing. You might even impress some higher ups with your drive. Employers like employees who take initiative and proving that you can and will during your internship could end in a job offer once your internship is over.

These days, no matter what industry you work with, social media platforms are a must for all businesses. From marketing to networking and building clientele, social media sites are a great and free way for companies to get their name and product in front of more people on daily basis. Use your downtime to brush up on the various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, tumblr, Pinterest, and Reddit. Build your personal social media portfolio and offer to help with the company’s portfolio. If they don’t have one, offer to start one and tell your supervisor you’ll only work on it during your spare time so they know you won’t just spend your days wasting time on the sites. Again, taking initiative like that will only improve your reputation with the company and will give you valuable resources you can use later.

Get creative with your downtime and your ingenuity will impress your supervisors. Research, learn, and do and you’ll be on your way to a successful career. Your internship, like life, is whatever you want to make of it so make it count!

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