The Benefits of An Internship in Physical Therapy

Tue, Sep 11, 2012

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Unlike many other professions, the physical therapist must learn a great deal of his or her trade by doing. There is plenty that can — and absolutely must — be taught before a student is ready to truly start applying this knowledge. But it’s no exaggeration to state that any physical therapist must undergo years of actual experience applying this knowledge in a controlled setting, with an actual individual. In the same way that many trades used to require an “apprenticeship,” physical therapy is a trade that must be thoroughly practiced in order to be fully mastered. For this reason, an internship in physical therapy can not only be the stepping stone to a very successful career, but can also be something of a necessity for one to begin in the first place.

Many schools have programs in place to set you up with the right physical therapy internship for you. It’s more than likely that your school and/or its physical therapy or health department have partnered up with local hospitals and clinics to help you get in the door and get the training you’ll need as you begin to complete your education. This makes an internship the best way to seamlessly transition from higher education to the beginning of your career.

Furthermore, working closely with your school’s physical therapy program will help the individuals who run it get to know you better, which will lead to an optimal internship pairing. The right internship can really bridge the gap between your education and knowledge that’s integral to the beginning of your career.

Plenty of things that simply can’t be taught in school, like the finer points of interacting with patients and how to individually construct and tailor therapy plans, can be learned effectively by partaking in an internship. What’s more is that a physical therapy internship is highly participatory, resulting in what amounts nearly to on-the-job training. In this way, interns can get used to the day-to-day experience of being a physical therapists, so that there are no surprises when your career does actually begin. Learning these things and familiarizing yourself with the routine you’ll be going through on a daily basis.

Talk to your school’s administrators or your favorite instructors to get set up with the best physical therapy internship possible. Schools will work with you to help you get paired with a therapist who can truly help further your education and provide you with valuable insights. Some of the training and experience you can get may very well be some of the most valuable of your entire career. There are also plenty of sites outside of your university that can get you set up, like physicaltherapyassistant.org and others. No matter which route you decide upon, an internship in physical therapy is a great way to start yourself on the path to a truly rewarding career. Physical therapists spend their days helping others, and an internship is one of the best ways to begin learning how.

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