So You Have Graduated – Now What?

Fri, May 28, 2010

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After four long years of college you have finally received that piece of paper, that says you’re ready to take on anything the world throws at you. Or, at least that’s what they want you to think. Yes, college has educated you on your chosen profession, but are you really prepared for the real world? Before you answer that, let’s weigh your decisions. Will you be starting your new career or continuing your education?

Continuing Education Checklist

If you plan to continue your education, here are some things to think about. Before you do anything else, make sure Graduate school is for you. Is a Master’s degree necessary to further your career? Or are you just not ready to finish school? Once, you answer these questions you will be able to determine what degree you should pursue next and what school is best for you. Also, you should take the time to do research on your chosen profession to see what form of higher education you actually need. For example, if you’re choosing to go into business you may need a Master’s of Business Administration or, if you’re choosing to become a Doctor you may need to go to medical school. After you have chosen what you would like to study you have many more decisions to make, like what school and how to fund it.

Here are some resources to help with these important decisions.

1. All About Grad School – A complete listing of Graduate Schools and programs from state to state.

2. GraduateGuide.com – A detailed, searchable guide of Graduate schools, fields of study, and financial aid resources.

Job Search Checklist

If you plan to pursue your chosen career after college, you have some different things to think about. Before you graduate you should start your job search. Start with a list of about ten companies and begin sending your resumes out. Whether you are offered a position by the time you graduate will determine your next step. If you have been offered a job before graduation, you simply have to decide how to prepare for your new career. If you don’t have to relocate these preparations will be as simple as buying a new professional wardrobe. If you do have to relocate then you need to find a new place to stay and a roommate if you plan to have one. You also have to work out a budget, to make sure your new salary will cover your living expenses. If, you have not found a job by the time you graduate you will have to figure out where to go from there. Will you be moving back home with your family or will you continue to live on your own? Will you work a part time job to support yourself or will you jump right into the job search pool?

If you do decide to begin your job search the resources below will help make sure you go out there fully prepared.

1. CollegeGrad.com- A resume full of resume and cover letter tips, job postings and career advice.

2. Jobweb.com- Career and job search for new college grads.

By Britany Ruby. Britany is a junior Applied Communications/Fashion Merchandising Major at Kent State University. She is an Internet addict, facebook junkie, compulsive twitterhead and obsessive blogger. Contact Britany at bruby@kent.edu.

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