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Thu, Mar 1, 2012

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When you tell people you’re an English major, many people may assume that you want to be either an author or a teacher. However, there are actually lots of jobs open to English majors. After all, great writing skills can be applied to a number of fields. If you’re at a loss for internship ideas, here are some fields you might want to look into.

Publishing – While publishing can be a competitive field, English majors are a good fit due to their love of reading, writing, and editing. If you have experience editing a school newspaper, yearbook, or other publication, this will be helpful in obtaining an internship. Some publishing internships may involve copyediting or proofreading for grammatical mistakes, while others may have more administrative duties.

Education – There are other opportunities in education besides traditional classroom teaching. With an ESL certification, you could intern at a language institute teaching English as a second language. You could also work at a professional tutoring company and help students with writing, ACT/SAT preparation, and other subjects.

Journalism – Journalism is another popular field for English majors that can be competitive. However, even an internship at a local newspaper, magazine, or radio station can serve as a good internship. Some publications and media stations use interns to perform research for them, while others have them write and/or edit articles and reports.

Websites/Social Media – Many companies now have extensive websites with blogs and social media profiles, and they may hire interns to manage them. Like advertising, much of the writing you would do in this kind of internship would be to promote the company’s products and/or services, events, and promotions. However, you might also be in charge of actually creating social media profiles or blogs, which requires knowledge of the current social media platforms.

Non-Profit – Internships are plentiful in non-profit organizations, especially local branches that don’t have many permanent employees. An internship at a non-profit organization may involve everything from research and grant writing to organizing fundraising campaigns and writing informational materials for the public. Interning for a non-profit organization can be quite rewarding, since you’ll be working for a good cause that you care about.

This article was written by Katie Brunson, who owns a site called Associates Degrees for students interested in earning a two-year associate’s degree online. Katie is also a career counselor at a college in the Midwest.

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