How to Save Money on a Professional Wardrobe for Your Internship

Tue, Aug 14, 2012

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Internships are a well respected way to gain more insight and hands on experience within a new career opportunity, but we all know the pay kinda sucks. While you gain the advantage of trading time for experience, where does that leave your professional wardrobe?

Chances are, as an intern, this is your first experience within the workplace. That means you may have to come up with some crafty tips in order to create the illusions of an affordable and professional clothing schedule. Thankfully, we’ve done all the hard work for you!

Find Out What Everyone Else in Wearing

Try to pay attention during your interview, or recall what people were wearing when you attended. It may prove to be a futile endeavour when buying a brand new suit if this is a relaxed, business casual attire workplace. Knowing what other people are wearing will also give you more confidence in purchasing exactly what you need, and reduce the risk of spending money on something that won’t last longer than an interview.

If you are unsure of what the expected attire should be, feel free to ask. Anyone you have been in contact with during the interview process should be more than happy to help you get started, and may even offer you some inside pointers. Also take into consideration if you will be working on your feet, or in an air-conditioned office, and allow your wardrobe to function correctly and comfortably during these times.

Quality Over Quantity

With professional wardrobes, quality over quantity can really go along way. By choosing a few staple items that can be mixed with other less expensive and trendy pieces, you can create a long-lasting wardrobe that will always make a great impression. Woman should invest in a well fitted blazer or jacket, wide-set pants and a neat pair of heels, such as a pair of Mary Jane’s, that will always look great no matter what time of the year. Look in charity shops for discounted hand-me-downs with brand name tags.

Men can expect to pick up a few key items for cheap from most major department stores and other discounted shopping malls. Don’t overlook your local Target, Walmart, or the like, as these places offer high-quality yet low cost alternatives, perfect for internships. Don’t forget, you can always invest in a lavish new wardrobe once you are fully qualified! Check your calendar for tax free shopping days or back to school offers, as many suits and shirt sets will also be on sale during these times also.

Look Online For Discount Codes and Offers

Similarly, many retails stores offer discount codes and promotional offers online as a way to help you budget towards your new wardrobe. These can be used online or in-store depending on the offer, and are usually great value for money. If you are not sure where to start looking online for codes or promotional vouchers, here is a fast track tip to get you started: get the promotional codes here at Sidepon.com. Good luck with your internship!

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