How to Be a Stellar Public Relations Intern

Sun, May 6, 2012

Internship Information

Public relations interns fulfill a variety of office tasks, from menial ones like making phone calls and running errands to more involved ones like writing and editing copy and sitting in on meetings with clients. Your internship is the time for you to show off your knowledge and skills a little but also, mostly, to learn ways to always be productive, proactive, and useful in any office environment. Here are some ways you can make the most of your internship and make sure you get to do more of the latter intern jobs. While these tips are aimed at interns in a public relations firm, they are useful for starting out in all careers.

You’ll want to show your supervisor that you have that perfect balance of being able to work independently with little or no direction and working well within a team and following all directions to a T. When you’re given as assignment, don’t ask your supervisor every single question that comes up. Instead figure out what you can on your own and keep a list of the questions you’ll need to ask. You won’t waste the supervisor’s time asking a single question every few minutes and you’ll show more ability to problem solve on your own. When your supervisor is too busy to give you an assignment, offer help, and then offer him or her a list of the tasks you’ll work on until you’re given an assignment. This will show that you can be productive without direction and are proactive enough to find things that need to be done. You don’t ever want to spend time doing nothing. That impresses no one and won’t help you learn. Days when you’re left to your own vices are also times you can use to show your bosses any special skills you have that they haven’t realized yet.

When starting your internship it’s important to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Not so you can turn down an assignment if it doesn’t fit in with your strengths but show where you can spend any extra time learning how to improve on your weaknesses. Especially on those days that your supervisor is too busy to give you an assignment, you can prove your value to the firm by reading articles, improving writing skills, or brushing up on social media platforms.

Each day at your internship is a possibility to learn something new, so take advantage of that and continue to expand your knowledge as much as possible. The ideal employee never stops learning so start fostering that attitude early in your career. Carry a notebook and pen everywhere with you so you can take notes during meetings, during performance evaluations, and while working on projects. It will help you organize your thoughts, keep track of any questions, and remember anything your boss tells you. If you have to, you may want to schedule your own performance evaluations with your supervisor to show how committed you are to improving.

With a successful internship experience and your public relations degree, you’re creating a path to a successful lifelong career. It takes time and a lot effort to work your way up from the bottom, but with the right attitude, you’ll have the dream job before you know it.

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