Fun Things to Do Outside of Your Internship

Wed, Mar 14, 2012

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All work and no play can make for a very dull student. So if you find yourself tackling not only a rigorous school schedule and tedious homework, but also a daunting internship you may be looking for ways to blow off a little steam to relieve the stress. But when you miraculously find yourself with a bit of free time, you want to make the most of it without impacting the rest of your schedule; and while partying can certainly meet your criteria for fun, it can also result in a hangover that you just can’t afford. So here are just a few fun activities that will help you to shake off the pressures of your daily life for a little while and then get back on track with a renewed sense of vigor and the focus you need to succeed at both your college courses and your current internship.

  1. Roller derby. Watching these fierce females whip it around the roller rink is enough to take anyone’s mind off their worries for a while. But if you really want to vent some frustration, just strap on your skates and join a team. You’ll have to be a fair skater and you’d better be able to take a hit, but if you’re looking for a sport that will let you unleash your wild side away from school and your internship, this trendy activity is just the ticket. Again, you could just enjoy the action from the stands if you’re not so keen to participate in the skull-cracking action in the rink.
  2. Frisbee. Is there any activity more quintessential to the college experience than a rousing round of Frisbee in the quad? It takes little skill and effort to throw this wobbly disk and you can stretch your limbs, soak up some vitamin D, and spend time with friends while you leave your cares behind. Plus, there are no time constraints (as with other sports) so you can play for five minutes, five hours, or whatever your schedule allows.
  3. Movie night. You’re likely having some trouble getting together with friends (you’re busy, they’re busy…) so why not schedule a movie night so you can try to see everyone at once? Commandeer the common room or lounge in your dorm, pop some corn, and get comfy under your quilts as you ramp up a scream-fest with the latest horror flicks or release some belly laughs with a gut-buster like Bridesmaids or The Hangover.
  4. Host a water fight. This probably isn’t a great idea in the winter, but with the snow melting, temps on the rise, and t-shirt weather just around the corner, perhaps it’s time to organize a campus-wide water fight via your many social networking profiles. So pump up your water guns, fill some balloons, and prepare to get wet in a fun-filled battle fueled by H?O.
  5. Decorate your dorm. Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to get reenergized and focus your chi. So fung shui it up by revamping your tiny residence. Hit up yard sales wherever you live (Honolulu to Henderson garage sales can help you to find cool and kitschy items for less) and remember to find the potential in pieces. For example, an old mirror could bounce the light in your space to make it appear bigger and brighter, and all you have to do is spray-paint the frame gold for some added flair.
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