Difference between An Intern and Internist in the Medical Field

Mon, Sep 24, 2012

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It may come as a surprise, but the difference between an intern and an internist, in regards to the medical field, is an astoundingly large one. In fact, the only thing these two positions have in common when it comes to the medical field is the fact that they are both positions that happen to be found in the medical field. Otherwise, there exists a sufficiently wide gulf between the job descriptions of the internist and the intern, and should there be any confusion that remains, this article will aim to provide a remedy. We’ll discuss the finer points of being an intern, as well as describe the job of an internist so there might be no confusion between these two similar-sounding positions, both of which are commonly encountered in the professional medical field.

An intern is typically a younger, unpaid worker who is laboring solely for the sake of the experience he or she will gain, or perhaps for college credit. Interns are found in a wide variety of professions, and within the medical community their function is not too different than it would be anywhere else. An intern often performs menial tasks that must be done around the office, and benefits from being around the work environment and gaining a level of familiarity with the way the professional world conducts itself. Interns are typically college students, and are most often about to graduate in the near future. While an internship is often used as a yardstick for judging the value of potential employees, it does never guarantees future employment. Primarily, internships are a way for businesses to obtain some very affordable labor in a way that still benefits everyone.

In the medical field, an internist’s job is typically much, much more involved than that of your friendly neighborhood intern. There might only be a three letter difference, but the discrepancy is huge. An internist is essentially a doctor who treats adults. This is the first major difference — while an intern is an untrained youngster expressing interest in a medical career, an internist has already trained and studied for years. An internist serves to diagnose, assess, and sometimes treat the symptoms of various illnesses, and are often relied upon as a source of medical authority by their clients and the other professionals around them.

It is true, however, that an intern can very well become an internist if he or she plays those career cards right. All it takes is hard work and solid studying to find yourself a career in the medical profession. There are a great deal of CNA schools in Chicago that can help you work your way to a degree in your chosen medical field, and getting an internship to get your feet wet and introduce yourself to the industry is a great way to guarantee that you and your career hit the ground running. All it takes is a bit of hard work, and you can go from intern to internist in no time at all.

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