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Fri, Apr 30, 2010

Internship Information

Having an anthropology internship at the Smithsonian Institute would be exciting, but if the basis of your anthropology degree is to lead you more into field studies, you might want to check out study abroad programs instead. These programs will allow you to gain real-life experience dealing with people with different cultures and traditions.

Study Abroad Programs for Anthropology Majors

By being an anthropology major, you study the human condition. Why not study the customs and characteristics of humans in a country that may be foreign to your own?

The George Washington University in D.C. agrees that study abroad experiences are important for anthropology students.

“Since anthropology is the cross-cultural study of human difference, study abroad fits extremely well into the discipline’s requirements. Many anthropology students engage in study abroad programs, and find these programs provide an important channel for their degrees, and their future interests,” the university’s Anthropology Department website said.

Finding the right program

Boston University’s Anthropology Department offers many Internship and Study Abroad opportunities on their website. One job listed on the site offers students the opportunity to help teach in Thailand.

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) can also be helpful for finding study abroad experiences.

Getting there with grants

The George Washington University Anthropology site offers endowments and research funds for students to use for anthropology major related experiences.

Also, collaborating with a faculty member at your home university may help you secure funding as well. Your university department may look more in favor on your funding requests when you have the name of a reputable professor attached to your research plans.

The Society for American Archaeology offers scholarships and funding for students as well.

Asking for an extended stay

If a summer study abroad session is not long enough to complete the research you think you need, you can apply to stay longer. Also, some study abroad exchanges last up to a year. They may be costly, but some programs allow you to use financial aid and other sources of funding.

You may also arrive at your study abroad location, complete your anthropology internship and then decide to stay in the country for a few more weeks. Both are acceptable options and will likely enhance your research endeavors, as well as give you more insight into a culture that may be completely different from your own.

By Kelly McLendon. Kelly is studying Environmental Policy and Journalism. She can be reached at mclendon.kelly@gmail.com.

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