5 Ways To Build a Good Relationship with Your Boss

Wed, Jun 23, 2010

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As an intern, it’s important to build a good relationship with your boss. From a positive reference to a career mentor to a permanent job at the company, there are perks to having a strong relationship. Here are 5 ways to make sure your interactions with your internship boss are beneficial for both of you.

1. Be Punctual (or Even Early!) and Presentable

No more sleeping late! If you have an office internship, you need to be awake at a time you might not have seen in a while. Make sure you get a full night’s sleep, a.ka. at least 7 hours, so you’re refreshed the mornings of your internship. Also, take note of the office dress code and wear something similar. An internship is not an excuse to look messy.

2. Go Above and Beyond

Volunteer for different assignments. Ask your boss if you can learn about areas of the company beyond where you’re interning. Showing an interest is a good way to build a positive relationship with your boss.

3. Be Humble

You might be Mr. or Miss Popularity, an academic all-star, or an athletic champion on campus. In the office, you are the newbie and should act accordingly.  Be humble as an intern to build a good relationship with your boss. No task is too small for you to create into a learning opportunity.

4. Communicate

Check in often with your internship boss.  Schedule a weekly meeting to talk about your progress. Open communication is key to building trust and trust is key to building a good relationship.

5. Be Positive

This is the last and most important tip. Having a good attitude is a great way to win brownie points! No one wants a sulking intern. Working with a smile on your face and having a “hi, how are you,” for everyone in the office will make you a memorable intern. Remember, people hire who they like. Have a positive attitude towards all of your internship tasks.

Follow these 5 recommendations and you’ll have a good relationship with your internship boss in no time!

By Danielle Bullen

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