b. Save Money

  • A Green Approach to Office Technology - There are many opportunities for companies to significantly reduce savings through purchasing energy efficient office equipment. This article provides lots of resources about programs available to help businesses save money through sustainable technology initiatives.
  • What - Is recycling fiscally responsible? Does it really lower your carbon footprint? Is it worth all the trouble? Implementing a recycling program at work can seem daunting and does present many challenges. However, there are several solutions to making it a bit easier and to saving money and waste. Learn about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle at work.
  • Getting Started: Low Cost Electricity Savings - One of the most common questions we hear is "My electricity bill is too high - how can I lower it? Where do I get started?" There is so much opinion on this. This article details a few of the best ideas we've encountered for getting started quickly.
  • Tax Rebates for Going Green - Looking to get a little refund from the government this tax season? This year, you can get some back while giving something back.
  • Lower Your Trash Disposal Costs - This article provides an overview of ideas for how to limit what goes into your garbage, reducing your hauling charges.
  • Going Paperless and Saving Money - The vision of a paperless office has yet to come true, and it does not seem too close. Paper is very hard to get rid of. It provides security and in many ways is a better medium than the computer screen. There are lots of ways though to reduce the paper in your life.
  • NY and NJ Incentives for Energy Savings - Overview of the incentive programs in NY and NJ for lowering energy. Anyone in these states working on energy savings program should make sure they get their rebates!
  • Green Procurement - Traditional purchasing departments focus on minimizing initial purchase price. Green procurement focuses on minimizing the cost of ownership for the product for its entire lifecycle. This type of purchasing encourages the purchase of longer lasting items even if they cost more initially. It also accounts for the full environmental cost of a particular supply.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting - A basic overview of the different types of high-efficiency lighting.