Green Countries

  • International Eco-Friendly Hotels - Hotels across the globe are integrating sustainability throughout their operations. Here are a few examples of green practices in the hotel industry.
  • Sustainability in Ontario - Ontario is one of the more progressive Canadian provinces that is initiating innovative ways to reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Taipei 101: Highest Green Structure in World - The Taipei 101 may no longer be the tallest building in the world but it aims to be the tallest Green building in the world.
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions In Mexico and Brazil - Mexico and Brazil are commiting to reduce carbon emissions through a generous grant from The World Bank. This news summary piece highlights the initiative.
  • Going Green In Italy - Food and Wine sales make up a large part of Italy's economy. In an effort to increase revenue and save money, the food and wine industry is implementing a variety of sustainable practices.
  • Climate Change Conference: Deforestation - Rainforest Deforestation is one of the many issues presented at Copenhagen. This news summary briefly addresses this topic.
  • Sustainability in Costa Rica - Costa Rica may be a small undeveloped country but it has high aspirations for becoming one of the world's leaders in sustainability initiatives.
  • Sustainability in Japan - Both the government and private industry in Japan are making strides to increase their sustainability initiatives. From Tokyo's huge effort to increase solar power to companies manufacturing upcycled products such as a messenger bag made from used fire hoses, Japan is practicing innovation in the world of sustainability.