• Offshoring Innovation – A Trend That’s Here to Stay? - Innovation is a global trend that some companies have mastered and others haven't. Innovation has become crucial in this age of ever changing technology, and is one of the first stepping stones of success in the business world. However instead of staying within the safety of company for new ideas, business owners are looking all over the world for fresh innovation.
  • Working with the “enemy”: Co-opetition is driving innovation today - This new era of globalization has opened the door to co-opetition for small businesses as well. I think if small businesses embrace globalization and take the options it provides them seriously, co-opetition could be their answer - at least in addressing the new competition brought in by multinationals from BRIC nations I touched on in an earlier post.
  • Will Global Layoffs Benefit India? - It is premature to believe that the business that was once theirs will now come to India. Much of it is hi- tech work that doesnt fit into the current paradigm of the Indian outsourcing industry.
  • What Can a Small Biz Outsource? - The point is, when you begin to think of all the tasks that get done remotely, the list gets pretty long. And that presents big opportunity for small business.
  • What American Companies Want to Know’¦. - I think that offshoring is obvious for those in manufacturing. Or if the company is large. But smaller businesses tend to struggle to identify opportunities.
  • Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop (almost) to drink’¦ - I realize there are man-made, environmental disasters like this all over the world in places like China, Africa and of course, in my own allegedly super-civilized United States of America. It's just that it's so personally frustrating to see vivid examples of it like this one, wherever it's happening - it all seems so useless, and so preventable.
  • Thoughts on a Birthday - In perfecting the model that TCS invented, Infosys and other companies brought about the new kind of brain drain. Educated engineers in various disciplines no longer leave Indian shores, but now work only for IT companies.
  • The Best of Times, The Worst of Times - IT companies generally recognize that Professional education means more than just technical education. So, in the sixteen weeks, there are modules in foreign language, then dining and dressing etiquette and a short duration of outbound learning.
  • Some Stats on China - The World Bank project found that poverty was particularly stagnant in the rural areas and that farming was not a growth industry. Their strategy: 'support for public health, basic education, rural infrastructure, and increased interregional labor mobility.'
  • Small Businesses are Riding the Offshoring Wave too - This makes me wonder '“ with their foray in offshoring, will these small companies steal the attention of service providers who have been chasing the big businesses? Will these companies create an explosion of job opportunities in the developing countries?