Where to Find Inexpensive Office Equipment

Tue, Mar 13, 2012


So you’ve got an office to outfit, but you don’t want to break the bank putting it together. It’s a common problem. Rents are expensive, and you need an attractive, functional office that doesn’t blow your yearly budget. Well, the internet is your greatest resource for finding inexpensive office equipment. There’s literally thousands of websites, large and small, that can cater to your needs. And many of them include free or cheap shipping. As internet stores don’t have the rent and manpower expenses of the brick and mortar shops, they can give you solid discounts you won’t be able to find anywhere else. And just because you’re shopping online doesn’t mean you need to buy knock-offs. Many national chains offer much better prices on their stock online than you can find in their physical locations. Here’s a quick list of where you can find anything you’ll need to outfit your new office on the cheap. Office Max. Office Max is a national chain, so not a place you’d initially think of for deep discounts. But explore their website, and you’ll find some incredible deals. For example, they’re just finishing up an office furniture sale that features discounts of up to 50%. They also offer a worry-free shopping cart, and can deliver speedily wherever you are. Office Max is a great spot to check back with often, as they’re continuously turning over stock and seem to promote a new sale every month. Go to www.officemax.com to learn more. Eofficedirect.com. Eoffice is a discount shop with a great reputation, and they are always linking to online coupons. They carry basically everything you would need for an office, and even offer a section of earth friendly supplies for those that desire a green office environment. Eofficedirect.com stocks their office equipment from over 325 manufacturers, all of which are based in the United States, so those interested in keeping their purchasing on American soil will be more than satisfied. And best of all, most orders ship the same day, and shipping is free for orders over $75. Target. The nationwide big box store is a great destination for any sort of shopping, and office supplies are certainly included. You should look at Target for many of your electronics purchases, as well as office furniture. Their stock turns over quarterly, based on the style, and they have a clearance section that can be accessed from their website as well. They also feature online-only coupons, giving you deals on top of their already low prices. IKEA. If style is just as important to you as low cost, make sure you include IKEA in your shopping. On top of easy shipping and access to office supplies in tons of arrangements and colors, IKEA has a lot to offer with the planning of your workspace. They have a VIKA table planner app available on their website, so you can create the perfect furniture setup for your current space. Even better, IKEA has a branded business site designed to help you find the perfect piece at the right price. Go to http://www.business.ikea.com/en-us/ to find out more. While none of these options may be as cheap as hitting up the Glendale garage sales, they certainly provide a wider array of choices, without the whole having to fit it in the trunk of your Honda issues. The sites mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg, so make a list of what you need in advance, and have fun!

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