Top 5 Ways to Streamline Your Product Manufacturing Process

Mon, Nov 19, 2012


The world of business can be extremely demanding, especially for those who have to deal with manufacturing. Customers want their products yesterday and they want them at the lowest possible price. Things have become especially difficult during the recent economic dip, which is leading many businesses to reevaluate their manufacturing processes. If you think your business could be doing better, try your hand at sprucing things up with these 5 great ways to streamline your manufacturing process.

  1. Analyze the Situation
    Before you can hope to start improving your manufacturing operations, it is vitally important to know exactly what’s going on behind the walls of your manufacturing facilities. Checking up on reports and statements is a good way to start, but there is really no substitute for making an in-person visit to your manufacturing plant or factory. This is the only way that you can really see what goes on behind the scenes and get a good picture of your manufacturing situation.
  2. Zoom In on the Work Flow
    Manufacturing is a complex process involving many workers operating many machines to produce the desired results, and this process is often difficult to coordinate–especially on the large scale. For this reason, many manufacturing facilities do not run as efficiently as they could. Identify the necessary elements in your manufacturing process, as well as those that could be eliminated. These elements could be people, technology, resources, or any number of other things. The best way to start streamlining your manufacturing is to get rid of the non-essential.
  3. Think About the Customer
    When you think about ways to improve your business, your thinking should start and finish with the customer. Without customers, you have no business. When you start thinking about ways to improve your manufacturing, think about what the customers want. Study any available feedback and customer satisfaction reports to find out what works, what doesn’t work, what is valued, and what may be lacking. You might be spending too much on manufacturing for product features that customers don’t need, while neglecting the things they want.
  4. Consider Moving Your Facilities
    Things may just not work at your current manufacturing facilities for any number of reasons. Businesses who contract their manufacturing processes through industrial factories may be losing money that could be recouped by moving into a company owned facility. The initial investment may present a setback, but you will ultimately have more control over all aspects of your manufacturing. In the end, you’ll want to be in control of your manufacturing as much as possible.
  5. Stop Outsourcing
    For several decades now, businesses have been saving money on manufacturing by moving their manufacturing overseas to countries where the labor can be carried out at less expense. While this works in theory, and often in practice, keeping your manufacturing here at home also has numerous benefits. If you’re trying to streamline your manufacturing, you need to be able to oversee all aspects of the process as much as possible. Local manufacturing keeps your production right under your nose at all times.
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