Top 5 Qualities of Successful Business Leaders

Wed, May 16, 2012


There are people who are born to run a business and be in charge of people. Not everyone is born already possessing these natural talents but there are ways you can turn yourself into an effective and good business leader. With these 5 traits, anyone could successfully run a business.

It takes a lot of organization to even run your own life, let alone to run your business in which you’ll not only have to keep yourself organized but also all your employees. Of course they’ll bring their own organizational skills, but when their systems fail them, they’ll often look to you to make up for it. If you’re not already good at being organized find ways to retrain your brain to keep up with everything you need to keep up with. Write lists, keep a planner on you at all times, or use your smartphone to keep track of everything you need.

Without passion, a business leader would be just another regular employee. To lead in your business you need to truly and wholly believe in what you’re doing to keep you going through the really difficult first years full of late nights and working seven days a week. You’ll have a really hard time staying motivated and focused on running a company about which you aren’t passionate.

To effectively run a business you must be able to communicate with anybody. Especially when dealing with your employees, you’ll need to understand the different ways in which others listen, understand, and communicate back. One of the best ways you can improve your communication skills is by learning to listen, a skill you might be surprised to find how few people truly possess. To effectively communicate with your employees, you’ll also need to be able to say your points in different ways and get ready to repeat yourself often.

Starting your own business begins with being brave enough to do it. Creating and leading a new business is scary and you could face a lot of failure. Continuing that level of bravery is necessary throughout your career though because you’ll face competition, criticism, and failure at most points even when running a perfectly successful business. Leading people in any way takes a lot of bravery and a thick skin.

The best leaders will tell you that no one can do everything on their own. A successful business leader learns how to delegate responsibility early on. Prioritizing what needs to be done and then handing out the ones your comfortable with allowing others to do will help you from going crazy. The best leaders accept and welcome support from their team. Though it can be easy to want to have a hand in everything that goes on in your company, it’s not reasonable or sane to do try and do everything yourself.

It’s easier said than done to learn to have these traits but with time and one of many feasible business degrees, you could prepare yourself to be a very successful business leader.

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