How to Improve Employee Productivity With Ergonomic Office Design

Thu, Aug 2, 2012


Employees are the heart of your company. Together they perform all the functions vital to making the business thrive. There are many reasons why an ergonomically designed office is beneficial to your company, one being increased employee productivity. It is also true that the desks where they spend all their time at work could be detrimental to their health. The effects of poor posture are immediate and long-term, so eliminate the doctors’ visits and inspire your employees to produce their best work with ergonomic office design.

Begin with small measures to create a comfortable and productive work environment. Hire specialists to educate employees on proper posture and lifting techniques and how to avoid carpal tunnel. Conduct these seminars once or twice a year to refresh them on these important principles. Though these methods seem simple, poor habits are easy to slip into and difficult to break, so stop them before they start. Also keep in mind that many of the ergonomic products you purchase for the office come with specific instructions for use. Make sure all your employees are familiar with their equipment, as misuse can actually cause them harm.

Your employees are great at getting the job done, but did you ever wonder if they could accomplish even more? If the office is equipped with traditional furniture, chances are that people are frequently getting up to stretch and walk. Chairs and desks designed for optimum comfort will lead to a decreased need for these work interruptions, therefore increasing efficiency. Your employees should still take breaks now and then, but you will find that that their frequency and duration will be reduced with proper furniture. Consider adding some standing workstations to the office, as this will offer variety and will allow your employees to not feel confined to a sitting position all day.

Even simple changes in desk layout are considered ergonomic and conducive to productivity. Purchase special keyboards, computer mice and padded mouse pads to eliminate wrist strain. Reorganize offices and cubicles to minimize reaching. Place computer monitors at a lower position to reduce eyestrain from glancing between the screen and keyboard.

When you make strides to improve the comfort and health of your employees, they are sure to take notice. Putting their needs first communicates that you care for their well-being, and in return your employees will instill their trust in you. Devoted workers are the key to success, and their boosted morale will motivate them to put extra time and effort into their jobs. Here is your chance to make this a reality, so be smart and do not waste it.

If employees experience an injury or health issue due to poorly designed office equipment, they might have to spend time off work. Time lost is a waste of resources, and this personnel shortage is sure to put a strain in your business’s productivity. Remember, healthy and happy employees are harder workers. In the end, investing in ergonomic furniture is more cost-effective than paying for the workers’ compensation associated with office injuries.

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